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Taylor thought she had hidden her powers from her parents. She didn't realise it was actually the other way around. Kleptomania ensues.
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Brilliantly funny and unique
NewVeteran | 1 year ago

As an excellent Worm crack fic, plenty of hilariously funny things happen in Parental Guidance. There's Ocean's tinker shenanigans, Skitter's reactions as she tries and fails to cope with her parents' unexpected hobby, and of course, the famous Lock Master L. But that's not why I'm recommending Parental Guidance. I'm recommending it for exactly one reason: the most entertaining Endbringer battle in the fandom, bar none. Featuring Armsmaster's anti-fucker countermeasures. It's a quick, fun read, and while some of the humor isn't quite up to THE TECHNO QUEEN!'s (krakathoom) standards, the Leviathan fight makes it all worth it.