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It is an unfriendly world for a certain Taylor Hebert. She is bullied, downtrodden, cast below the norms of society, and et cetera. At least she has a plain doll that she can turn to.
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An excellent example of everything Bloodborne.
All_Seeing_Eye | 3 months ago *

Lovecraft's influence on Bloodborne should be clear to anyone who has played the game, and this fanfiction captures perfectly the feelings that are evoked in game. The cosmic horror, the creeping feeling of impending doom, and a downward spiral into insanity is clearly displayed over the course of both the game and the story, and UnwelcomeStorm masterfully evokes all kinds of goosebumps and shivers with every paragraph.

Darkly delicious, nice antidote to UnwelcomeStorm's Constellations
ficdb_admin | 9 months ago