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Enforcer Contract #CIL201009-6: Investigation of possible interdimensional threat: Type-D. This request has been jointly commissioned by the Roman Catholic Church and the Mage's Association. Contract Signed, Rin Tohsaka, Enforcer Unit 09.
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Slow, but one of the better F/SN x Worm crosses
rettshift | 10 months ago

This is one of those fics where the update speed really hurts it for me. Updates are semi-regular, but they're large and far between. By the time a new chapter lands, my memory of the last one is kinda hazy. Your mileage might vary depending on your retention, but it makes it hard for me to read. As for the actual plot, it's pretty neat. Rin, Shirou, and Saber in the Wormverse and exploring interactions between magecraft and powers. Lots of action, Taylor is taken in under Rin's wing to learn magic, and all the characters are pretty close to their canon counterparts. There's some small differences in voice, though those could be explained easily enough by time and experiences. Of the handful of "Fate characters in the Wormverse" fics I've read, this is one of the better ones for sure.

1 God_Of_Donuts
An excellent blending of the two fandoms.
Caliburn0 | 11 months ago

The worldbuilding does seem to favor Type-Moon over Worm, as the shards work on Type-Moon's magecraft system, instead of the canon Clarke-Tech, but otherwise I would say this is a perfect meld. The story is great. The characters superb. The writing excellent. The pacing is delicious. Taylor grows into a real hero in world she comes to understand more and more. And as she learns how the underbelly of society function, she joins the Fate trio in saving the multiverse, one magic sword at a time.