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Basic medicine and sanitation are simple. During the Warring Clans era, they become revolutionary. [OC-Insert]
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I cannot express how incredible this is.
Reichbane | 8 months ago *

Not only is this SI not the usual perfect creature we've all probably seen enough of, but the concept is both revolutionary and fascinating. The execution could be better in some places, perhaps the prose isn't the greatest, but given how unique and well done everything else about the fic is... This should definitely be on your read list.

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A Naruto SI where the SI doesn't have anything sort of combat ability? Will wonders never cease?
DuskStar | 9 months ago
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Amazing spectacular showstopping fabulous--
sublimey | 9 months ago

Sage thrasher takes a fresh approach to naruto fanfic and the worldbuilding that goes on in Sanitize is amazing. go check it out, the story deserves so much more credit

2 Gooey Reichbane
A really good read.
thelastreclist | 9 months ago

This fic was recommened to me by a friend, and booooy did I eat it up. It’s got some good drama some real struggles for proper medicine in a world very much without it. And Madara and Hashirama are great in it. Also, the SI character really works hard, and it's so admirable, I love it.

3 Reichbane Gooey God_Of_Donuts
kabs | 10 months ago

I love the ideas explored in this fic, and I wish there were more like it. It's not combat focused at all, which is a very refreshing change.

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A Different Kind of SI
Kami_no_Kage | 10 months ago

The premise of this story is simple: someone self-inserts into Naruto, Warring Clan Era, with knowledge of modern medicine. In practice, it's much different from the normal SI stories you may have read. To start with, the protagonist isn't involved in the "main story" of the current era. She lives in a small rural village, separate from any ninja clan. She can barely use her chakra for most of the story so far. What makes this story so great then, with its lack of ninja battle conflict, is in the charm of the writing, and the characterization of the protagonist. Leading a simple life healing others, furthering medicine, and occasionally meeting with ninja like Hashirama and Madara, who come to her for her great healing knowledge, it's a slow story, with writing you don't often see in fanfiction. Every word is careful and deliberate. Not the most exciting, but full of charm and its own beauty, it's a worthwhile read.

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The best Naruto fanfic of 2017-2018
ficdb_admin | 10 months ago

SI sometimes rubs me the wrong way, but Sage Thrasher's Sanitize is pure quality. Madara and Hashirama portrayal is on-point, and I love how penicillin and co. have the potential to upheave the ninja world.

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