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Add link to TvTropes page and of Alternate History: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/purple-days-asoiaf-au.391394/ https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/PurpleDays

Kraewen | 4 months ago | Claim The Spoils

We don't know why the entry was rejected, but couldn't find anything wrong with it, so we moved it to Approved. Thanks for pointing it out.

idlebeks | 6 months ago

Adding the fic description or summary to the list view would make the interface easier to navigate. That way you could see if you are interested in the fic without selecting it and leaving the search page.

DuskStar | 7 months ago | Ra

Hmm. I suppose I'll have to add it to the description then - QNTM is the search string that I would use to find this, since that's the author's username

MultiplyByZer0 | 7 months ago | Ra

Strike "(qntm)" from the title and change the fandom to "Original Fiction".

MultiplyByZer0 | 9 months ago | Rein

Since this story is "altpower so much the altpower has altpowers", I'd recommend the genre for that.

MultiplyByZer0 | 9 months ago | Weeb

The "submitted by" field is blank. How did that happen?

rettshift | 10 months ago | The Hill of Swords

Needs "Familiar of Zero" fandom added as crossover. Needs Shirou Emiya added as protag.

DictionaryWrites | 10 months ago

Please could you add Discworld - Terry Pratchett as a fandom?

MultiplyByZer0 | 10 months ago

Many abandoned fics are marked "ongoing". You can get a list of them by filtering by status "ongoing", then sorting by "Updated", then navigating to the last page. Please change any fic that hasn't been updated in 2 years to "abandoned".

MultiplyByZer0 | 10 months ago | The Magineer

Ongoing works hosted on custom websites (without automatic scraping), such as this one, need to have their last updated date and word count manually kept up to date.

Kraewen | 10 months ago | Xander [Quest]

Entry now links to the first forum-thread. I hope it will be less confusing for newcomers. :)

DuskStar | 11 months ago | Flying Free

Shouldn't the relationship for this be marked as Harry/Ginny, not just Ginny?

Pachycephalosaur | 11 months ago

Add a way for suggestions to be removed from this page by the mods.

DuskStar | 11 months ago | Fundamentals

Is this actually a quest? Those are typically on sites with a better reply mechanism, and sometimes even tools to count votes...

MultiplyByZer0 | 11 months ago | Worm: Parahumans

Why is the title "Worm: Parahumans" and not simply "Worm"? Worm's official website, and the rest of the world as well, just calls it "Worm", without any mention of a "Parahumans" suffix. Same for the sequel "Ward: Parahumans".

AssJ | 11 months ago | Thirty-Five Owls

Says "updated 29 years ago" but fic was written in 2007 and 2008 according to this page: http://www.letterblade.net/index_potter.html

As before, remove "(Worm/Supreme Commander)" from the title. There seems to be a trend of fics having the fandom name in parentheses in the title. This comes from the SpaceBattles scraper blindly making the thread name into the fic's title, even though on SpaceBattles the name contains both title and fandom – i.e. "A Cloudy Path (Worm/Supreme Commander)" is the SpaceBattles thread name, but only "A Cloudy Path" is the name of the fic. You'll need to do a sweep for these mistakes and fix them. Also, add "Unlisted Fandom" to this fic's fandom list, as it is a crossover.

tn5421 | 11 months ago

Is there any way we can have a filter for fics that we've added or edited? It would make going back and adding extra links easier.

chins4tw | 1 year ago | An Eye for an Eye

Can a fanfic that hasn't been updated for almost 2 years still be labeled ongoing? please switch it to abandond

chins4tw | 1 year ago | Uneasy coexistence

I think the story is miss labeled. shouldn't the pairing be Kisame x Sakura and not Kisame x Sakumo(which is kakashis dad)

error_cascade | 1 year ago | Genius

Genius is an alternate universe story about Maya Hansen (and SHIELD and Tony Stark). The first divergence is that instead of Maya being a past love interest, she is temporarily Tony Stark’s younger mentee. This story has very little to do with the plot of IM3 and everything to do with Maya Hansen. We watch her slow descent into moral ambiguity. She’s the villain you love and the not-quite villain. In the background we have a fascinating, subtle critique of what SHIELD is. Tony Stark’s characterization is suitably contradictory, as we see incredible generosity clash with seeming self-absorption. Even better, the author’s writing style is an absolute treat in itself. They use one of the most effective non-linear storytelling styles I have seen, including conventional published writing. Each story is like a puzzle where the information trickles out slowly, but the characterization and descriptive details are so gorgeous that there is very little chance of getting bored or forgetting details. I would recommend this fic for absolutely everyone, but especially for fans of Maya Hansen from the Extremis/Director of SHIELD arcs. (Note: no comics knowledge necessary). As a comics fan, it was a treat to see an AU where Maya was the protagonist, one where her manipulations were more successful, and to see the Tony Stark and Maya Hansen moral parallels in a different context.

Dark Drama
dmantisk | 1 year ago

A way to suggest new characters to add

St Elmo's Fire | 1 year ago

Suggestion for a genre: "meta". Several of the fics I've submitted recently have been metacommentaries on trends in the fandom, and are likely opaque to people not familiar with their inspirations. Could there be a tag that encapsulates this concept? I would also like to suggest a tag for something like "worldbuilding" -- fic that focuses on exploring particular or specific details of the setting.

St Elmo's Fire | 1 year ago

The AO3 scraper has an issue where, on gift fics, it will mush the author and recipient's names together for the "Author" field.

MultiplyByZer0 | 1 year ago | My Immortal

There should be a new "So Bad, It's Good" genre, for fics famous exclusively because of their terribleness, such as "My Immortal" (this one) and "Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles".

Kraewen | 1 year ago | Eventual Envelopment

Haven't finished it yet, so my rating comes later. The maturity should probably be upgraded to nsfw, though :) Also the 'Smut' tag would be relevant.

MultiplyByZer0 | 1 year ago | Chrysalis

There are now two stories from /r/HFY here: Chrysalis (this one) and The Deathworlders. They need to be categorized. I think either a new HFY fandom should be created for them, or they should go under the Original Fiction fandom and with a new HFY genre.

lauert | 1 year ago

Is it possible to sort fics by complete/on-going?

Description is a review. Ao3 description is: "When Tony first decided liquor was more important than pride, he promised himself one thing – blowjobs only. But when a man who looks too much like Steve comes along, that’s all about to change."

jharden13 | 1 year ago

Awesome site! But it needs the ability to add multiple characters/protagonists when submitting fics. Also, it should have a username/password option for login rather than having to get a verification email every time.

raziella | 1 year ago | Divergence

Truly excellent for the time travel lovers. Really loved this one.

KylieParker | 1 year ago

I was told the marvel fandom included X-men, however, I just tried to tag Gambit as a character in every combination of his name and alias, and it didn't come up, so maybe the character list for X-men wasn't scraped?

Lysianda | 1 year ago | To Play the Devil

The story would benefit from another proof-read. The political side of things and the ending could have been fleshed out.

Removed the alternate sorting tag, added the additional link. I'll pull major AU as well, since it seems like the AU factors for this story all fit within other tags anyway.

Also, I think "Alternate Sorting" should be removed because Harry's Ravenclaw sorting is of little importance in the fic. The same for "Major AU" – this story doesn't really qualify (it's not like other stories under "Major AU").

The FF.Net link only includes chapters 1-12; the entire fic (including chapters 13-23) is available here: http://fanfics.me/read2.php?id=190897&chapter=12 . Please add that link.

St Elmo's Fire | 1 year ago

The "scrape" feature doesn't seem to work consistently for me. I'm using Chrome. Does it not work if that ID is already in the database?

St Elmo's Fire | 1 year ago | Another Verse

Actually, maybe the AO3 link would be better, as it has additional tags and warnings: https://archiveofourown.org/works/12592388

St Elmo's Fire | 1 year ago

More genres would be appreciated. At the very least, there should be options for all the genres on FFN; I've had to fudge the genres on some entries because there just isn't a tag for the actual genre.

Please add the SpaceBattles link: https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/seventh-horcrux-hp-au.298748/

Pazlet | 1 year ago | Crossfire

Could not update all fields. Fandom: Fallout. Main Character: R J MacCready. Pairing: F/M.

trillian | 1 year ago

Main characters: Multi Fandom: Star Wars, K-Pop, Les Miserables Genres: Friendship, Historical, Family, Fantasy

elfensky | 1 year ago | Devils of Aincrad

Fandom(Sword Art Online & Highschool DxD crossover) Characters(relationship[Asuna & Kirito], Rias)

Farla | 1 year ago | Legends

Didn't get the link right (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12821126/1/Legends) and it looks like there's no way to add it in now?

elfensky | 1 year ago | Dauntless

Add the fandom: Code Geass. Add the character(s): Lelouch Vi Britannia eventual relationship tags? Lelouch/OC

bullethead | 1 year ago | Star Trek: Dagger

Put the rankings from highest to lowest. Going from lowest to highest is potentially confusing, since many sites seem to prefer the opposite approach.

ficdb_admin | 1 year ago

Public trello board is here ya'll: https://trello.com/b/jdZA16se/ficdb